Sally Jane Fuerst

Eli and Ren Sally Jane Pinso

Eli and Ren

American artist Sally Jane Fuerst who now lives in London creates these fantastic classically painted works of art with a twist. You may have noticed in the painting above titled Eli and Ren that its not Eli’s real lips, this is part of Fuerst’s wild character showing through her work. Fuerst has studied painting in the the USA before continuing her studies in Florence, Italy and then completing her studies in London 2009 at The London Atelier of Representational Art.

Mouse Sally Jane Pinso


Fuerst unconventional painting style creates striking imagery. She paints people wearing hats, fake lips, blow up zebras, Mohawks, Batman’s among other fab themes and charcters. A modern artist Fuerst utilises the internet as well as experiencing the real world for her inspirations.

Inflatable Batman and Robyn Sally Jane Pinso

Inflatable Batman and Robyn

Fuerst has ideas upon ideas but completes each piece of work before moving on to the next funky inspired painting. Her completed paintings are stunning, the finishes are life like – you have to look closely to notice that this is not a photograph. Each detail is captured perfectly and it is Fuerst’s attention to detail and flamboyant themes that make her work so captivating. Below is some more of Fuerst’s wonderful work.

Frankie Sally Jane Pinso


Sally Jane Pinso

PVC Circus

You ca visit  Sally Jane Fuerst site here to see the full collection

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