QooQoo bike

QooQoo bike is here!

Remember we wrote about Latvian fashion label QooQoo a little while ago? Well, then you might also remember we mentioned that they had plans of releasing their very own QooQoo fixed-gear bike this coming summer. Quoting The Chamber Brothers, ‘The time has come’ and here it is!


It’s bright, bold and won’t go without noticing literally anywhere in the world – it embodies the essence of QooQoo label! Apart from awesome (is it too obvious we’re kind of in love with it?), other parameters of the vehicle is that, as mentioned already, it is a fixie, it weights 11 kilograms and you can get it in three sizes. It is a lovechild or a collaboration between QooQoo and Dutchbike and is made by bicycle specialists Csepel Royal.  For more details or just to feast your eyes just a little bit more, head here


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