QMU Costume Design Show

Yesterday I attended the 2013 Queen Margaret University Costume Design Show and it was amazing! There was a huge variety of costumes on display. Hippes, dragons, monsters, puppets, robots and even Ganesh was there partying!

The 2013 Queen Margaret University (QMU) costume design collection really was packed full of quality costumes designed around a number of different themes- I think the only character missing from the show was a cave man. Its hard to tell what was my favorite as I love dragons, robots, top hats and the old timey style – I simply cannot decided.

The QMU Costume Design show wasn’t simply ‘just’ a showcase, it was proper entertainment.  The costume design models were more like theatrical performers, there was a number of cheeky, bouncy and intimidating characters throughout the show and of course Ganesh was the party animal there. The costumes appeared to simply take control of the models as they strutted down the catwalk.

Below are some snaps from the show. As note my pictures don’t do the show justice – its one of these things your really need to experience and see in real life.


 Love these shoes!


 The 1960s hippie spirit captured perfectly in this design.


 The White witch.


 These characters look great and scary!


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