Psychedelic Rabbits

Misa Lamri Pinso

These psychedelic rabbits are the craft creations of Misa Lamri. Originally from Kyushu Island, Japan, Lamri now lives in Paris.  The innocent forms, friendly colours and fun appeal of Lamri’s creations have a hippy-esque persona about them.

Misa Lamri Pinso 2

Lamri’s popular creations are vivid multicoloured creatures and characters which she makes from felt. The little bear above with his button eye, start eye and grin grasps your attention – why is this bear looking at me? Lamri is not formally trained in the arts but her enjoyment and passion for making has resulted in a collection of fun and friendly products which are for sale through her online shop.

“Creating gives you strength and self-confidence, but it’s obvious there are so many good creators, you must find your own special style to entice people into liking and buying your creations.” says Lamri. 

Misa Lamri Pinso 1

The monkey above created in Lamri’s psychedelic style and colour creates a fun product. Her designs are intend for children but I can see adults enjoying these too,  my favorite is the bear – I think its his grin. You can find more of Misa Lamri here.



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