OUCH! Finance!

And on this day we shall be discussing finance henceforth post haste.

Thats right! We will be talking (writing) about finance. As creatives we are primarily focused on our creative work, the creative process, the user interaction, the moments when it all comes together and then the feelings of accomplishment come pouring in, tenting our fingers and in the words of Mr Burns saying “excellent”.

Typically finance is not at the front of our mind,  it’s boring – numbers laid out in a perfectly symmetrical table with some jargon heading at the top not explaining much or the pamphlets with **** and its at this point most of us start to trail off ‘oh I wonder if that would work?’ and then the finance is inadvertently pushed to the side.

****Terms and Conditions this, Terms and Conditions that.

But we need to focus or we will die! I am no mathematical genius but I have managed to do some calculations and have summed up the problem in the formulae below.

no money = no food

And in some cases our creativity will be starved too – shock horror indeed.Its not all doom and gloom, help is at hand. I found a fantastic book called Ouch!: What you don’t know about money and why it matters (more than you think) written by Paul Knott. Its the first finance book I have enjoyed reading – honestly. Paul Knott’s writing style is informative, to the point, engaging and lively. The book literately grasped my attention and I read it from beginning to end.

OUCH Paul Knott Pinso 1

My copy of OUCH!

So whys this book so good and how does this help me? Let me explain.

The author Paul Knott is a business turnaround specialist who has a degree in Mathematics from the University of London and a Masters from Retail Marketing from TIAS Business School in the Netherlands. In the book OUCH! Knott explains the financial system in a way that we (creatives) can connect with, its not boring, its very informative and helpful particularly as it is dealing with our cash. When reading it I was amazed by some of the shenanigans going on in the finance industry which effects us all.

The book is packed with loads of interesting, surprising and helpful information that will allow you to take a step back and evaluate your current financial situation and plan for the future. Knott’s no industry jargon approach to writing will keep you well informed when weighing the pros cons of your money.

As creatives we are not typically viewed as the investor types but theres no reason why we should not be as savvy with our money as we are with our creations and so I think OUCH! by Paul Knott is a great book to get you thinking and acting.

What’s also fabiliciously fab is Paul Knott has kindly agreed to write some articles based on finance for Pinso to help us creatives get our heads around the big picture of finance.

You can visit Paul Knott’s website here or you visit Amazon to see full details on Ouch!: What you don’t know about money and why it matters (more than you think)




2 Responses to OUCH! Finance!

  1. Nicholas Duddy May 21, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    LOL The video on the Amazon page uses fear to sell the book :)

    • Paul Duddy May 21, 2013 at 10:59 pm

      Fear as a motivation – I don’t want to be a squashed little piggy!

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