Impulse Magazine


Impulse Magazine is an annual publication produced by third year journalism students at Edinburgh Napier University. Every year, third year students are given the task of creating, publishing and distributing a quality magazine and when I first saw the magazine I was very impressed. It immediately screams (SCREAMS) contemporary publication with its compact size and fantastic choice of cover photo with complementing text, fonts and colours. Just Google image:  ‘magazine’ – here I have done it for you and compare the quality of Impulse Magazine with big budget publications – see, impressive.


Its not just all cover candy either, the magazine is packed with interesting articles with sections covering Lifestyle, Arts & Culture and Sport. There’s lots of interesting interviews with chefs, film makers, designers and even a…politician. Dont think we have ever used the P word on Pinso before. The mix of articles, interviews, colour and layout design keep it reading and looking interesting as you browse from page to page.


What a fantastic collaborative effort by editors, writers, designers, photographers and distributors. Impulse Magazine is a fantastic example of what amazing projects can be made through collaborative working.

So how do you get hold of this magazine and how much does it cost? Its FREE! Its amazing to think that this magazine is free, its packed with original content, awesome images and interviews. The 2013 Impulse Magazine is only available in Edinburgh and stockists can be found using this handy dandy map. Next time your out and about in Edinburgh pick one up, it goes well with tea, coffee and cake.





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