Hazel Gore

HG_I bound you with a Secret

Glasgow based artist Hazel Gore specialises in producing drawings and paintings to create detailed dream like images that tell a story. Within Gore’s paintings there is a vivid definition between the characters and landscape. Using a familiar setting Gore is able to create a relationship with the user however by rendering her paintings in surreal colours and adding ‘misfit’ characters Gore creates a dream like appearance-almost as if there is something missing in the world of her paintings. As well as being a talented artist Hazel Gore also produces short films with surreal themes that relate to her artwork. Gore’s films have been screened in venues around the world including Venice, San Fransisco, Sydney and London

HG_A city in the dark

For Gore, the creative process begins with writing, creating characters and creating themes that relate directly or indirectly to the overall theme of her work. Each body of work produced by Gore has its own story, its own beginning and moment of inspiration.  Gore uses her character creation to subtly communicate a metaphorical or symbolic meaning to the viewer.

Some of the characters created by Gore are used across different media bringing a relationship to Gore’s videos and paintings  This transition between media means that Gore’s characters may have been born on canvas and explored through video before being painted again. Inspired by the way graphic novels pulled the viewer in and tell a story Gore focuses her efforts on character creation and storytelling. Using a range of different media to produce her work Gore blurs the boundaries between design, art and film by meshing them together creating a continuous related body of work.

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