From Death to Death and Other Small Tales


Ernesto Neto “It happens when the body is an anatomy of time”, 2000. D. Daskalopoulos Collection


If you are in Edinburgh and looking for a more…unusual way to while away an hour or two, I’d suggest a trip to Modern One at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art to See From Death to Death and Other Small Tales.

The first thing I’d say to you about this exhibition is not to be misled by the title. Whilst there may be curiosities for the contemporary art lover, there isn’t a high body count (in the traditional sense at least).



Bruce Nauman, “Knot an Ear”.

For this exhibition is an exploration of how artists have approached the subject of the body in the 20th and 21st Century.   Showcasing works from the D. Daskalopoulos Collection, many of which have never been seen before in Scotland, the exhibition contains a diverse range of work including painting, sculpture and film.

“Bunny gets Snookered”, Sarah Lucas.

Highlights for me were Ernesto  Neto’s  “It happens when the body is anatomy of time”, a sizeable sculpture, made from Lycra,  tulle, clove, cumin, turmeric , which takes up an entire room to itself and is great fun (if slightly daunting) to walk around.

“Knot an Ear” by Bruce Nauman is also worth a look as is “Bunny gets Snookered #10” by Sarah Lucas.

As a side note this exhibition does contain some explicit works and although these are signposted, it isn’t always explicitly clear so be extra vigilant if you have a delicate disposition!


From Death to Death and Other Small Tales” will run in Modern One, the Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh, until 8th September 2013.

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