DJCAD Degree Show 2013

BOOM boom BOOM boom BOOM boom BOOOM! The sounds heard from down the street of the opening of the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD) 2013 Degree show! And what an awesome show it is! Its literally packed full of fantastic work! There is a huge variety of work from around the creative industries including but not limited to art, animation, product design, jewellery – the whole shebang.


I started my journey at the top! In the Architecture department – I see no point in fighting gravity when gravity could assist my every step down and through the show. After taking the lift to the 6th floor I had arrived at the Architecture department and what a wonderful set of designs, drawings and models awaited me and this was only the beginning of the journey. Some of the fantastic models are pictured in my ‘journey schnaps’    (snaps in a Sean Connery voice) below.




Through my DJCAD Degree Show 2013 travels I seen many wonderful new designs and designers enthusiastically describing there hard work. The quality of the work was fantastic with very interesting designs and concepts. This exhibition is guaranteed not to bore – its impossible there is so many creative projects that at least one project from each department must conjure up some interest  and force you into the ‘hmm interesting’  mode. I was also pleased to see many ‘refreshment’ areas stationed throughout the show meaning you where never to far from a glass of wine, a beer or some snacks! Gulp, crunch mmm.






I arrived at the DJCAD jewellery department exo which I had been eager to see since their Kickstarter project. It didn’t disappoint with the many different designs and concepts finished to a supreme quality. Many of the items on show where actually for sale and where getting snapped up fast!



Trekking my way through I arrived at the Sculpture studios and seen some wonderful giant sculptures as well as mini sculptures with fascinating human behavioural inspired concepts. These expressive pieces are capturing the effects of consumerism on society – very interesting subject. Refreshment stop – Gulp, crunch mmm.




Some more fantastic pieces that capture your attention and force you to think. The mix of installations in the DJCAD with the varying underlying concepts and expressive output really does keep your interest.



I spotted this little guy looking at me!


The DJCAD 2013 Degree Show has a number of giant pieces dotted throughout the exhibition. Heres a giraffe but there are also other animals and creatures.



Look familiar? Its the work of Angel Zorn who we featured on Pinso in April. Her work uses powerful imagery which provokes reactions.





Boom! The DJCAD degree show 2013 at about 8:45 on Friday night. The opening night was a great experience packed full of fantastic work and the buzzing energy made it feel like a festival. I would recommend that people check out the show – I have over 200 photographs of the night but unfortunately I cant post them all up so now you just have to go.

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