Cute Tableware

Camila Prada makes some seriously cute tableware. “The cutest tableware in the world. My mum said so!” Camila Prada. Made entirely in England these fun ceramic products really do brighten up a space with their cheery colours and gentle graphics. Prada first began making characters that cheered her up for fun and then releasing that these little characters made other people happy she decided to make a collection of cheery characters from ceramics.

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Mama Haihai

Using traditional techniques Prada works with UK master craftsmen to transform her cute concepts into usable products for the home. All this designing and making is done in the historic birthplace of fine British China in Stoke-on-Trent where Prada lives.

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Cry Baby & Mr. Sunshine

‘She cries, you smile, its kinda mean but you cant help it’ Camila Prada on the Cry Baby dish. So true! Prada’s use of simple shapes, colours and emotions really connected with people. The China white ceramics are offset with both solid and pastel colours creating a cute aura around her collections making people go ‘ awww…haha’. Prada’s collections radiate an upbeat summer feeling which is great for people living in those rainier climates.

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Grand Master JuJu

Within Camila Prada’s collection you will find crazy little figurines like the Grand Master JuJu who may or may not possess magical properties. “These figurines are imbued with magical properties to make your life amazing.* They also look really cool on your desk or bed side table.” Camila Prada

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Delia Rose and her chicks

Camila Prada’s designs are fantastic with their simple shapes and colours creating a timeless appeal. Its great to see ceramics in the UK booming back to life with contemporary designers revitalising an age old industry with fun funky designs.


 You can visit Camila Prada’s shop here where you can see her whole collection. 

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