Charlotte Langstroth

My articles from Pinso have been a little lacking recently but all with good reason; I’ve just completed my final University project and have set up for an exhibition. So I guess there is no better time than the present to introduce you to my work.

For the past few years I’ve studied Textile Design at the University of Leeds specialising in mixed media textiles. My specialism lies in-between surface pattern design and illustration with my work being predominantly inspired by Scandinavian design, folklore, flora, fauna, dreams and escapism. All of my designs are based on hand drawings which are then digitally redrawn by freehand on Photoshop or with bold, graphic and functional vector compositions in Illustrator to create original designs that are aesthetic, charming and inviting.  Emphasis on the drawing process through projects have lead me to adapt an illustrative style that is both conversational and marketable.

 The designs featured have been created with reference to traditional and contemporary Scandinavian design drawing personal inspiration from both art and folklore and my own travels, experiences and heritage. Hopefully you’ll be able to spot some familiarities including the famous waterfront Nyhavn in Copenhagen, the Dala Horse from Sweden, a beautiful house in Hanko, Finland and various allusions to flora, fauna and nature.

03 My Finnish Dreamhouse



So now that’s the last haul of hard work at University done with hopefully you’ll see more of me around here! If you’d like to see more of my work a selected portfolio is online here and I also keep a blog which you can find here. Thanks for reading!

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