Cartoon badass

skeletor Pinso Skeletor. A snood wearing bad guy. Thats badass!

futurama professor farnsworth Pinso 1

Professor Farnsworth. Wants atomic supermen with octagonal shaped bodies. Thats Badass!

The Simpsons Mr Burns Pinso

Mr Burns. Happier with a dollar than with eternal happiness. Thats Badass!

DeeDee dexters laboratory Pinso

DeeDee. Is nuts! Thats Badass!

family guy family guy Pinso

Stewie. Essential grooming with evil deeds. Thats Badass!

southpark Kenny Pinso 1

Kenny. Dosent seem to die. Thats Badass!

johnny bravo logo Pinso 1

Johnny Bravo. No means Yes. Thats Badass!








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