Answers on a Postcard: Mr Bingo’s First Class Hate Mail

Caroline Lee postcard


You’re Awesome!
Good Luck With Your New Job!
Happy Anniversary Baby!

Greetings cards – get a grip. This is the age of austerity, unemployment and broken dreams, and the card industry needs to reflect that. It’s (probably) a fact that sales for cards relating gainful employment to some kind of congratulatory sentiment have went down by approximately a helluva per cent. Times are a changing (hint: the future’s neither bright nor orange) so Hallmark might need to reconsider their current slew of saccharine, life-affirming cards when optimism is so thin on the ground.

Nigel Payne postcard


Enter Mr Bingo. His vintage postcards are embellished with insults and hard home truths to dish out a cold dose of harsh reality. Like all good ideas, Mr Bingo’s project began on Twitter when he offered to send an offensive postcard to the first person who replied to his tweet. His first customer was Jonathan Hopkins, who, for a mere fiver, received a postcard with a less than complimentary remark regarding his legs. Since then Mr Bingo has got creative with all kinds of abuse, from ‘If you were a supermarket you’d be a Lidl’ to the simple but effective ‘Prick’.


Ben Maslen postcard

Arguably, Mr Bingo’s offensive judgements levelled at complete strangers raise a smile. Each comic illustration is expertly hand-crafted and the insults are so preposterously nasty and ill-informed that you could only laugh if such hate mail dropped through your door. Mr Bingo also claims, ‘It’s funny to be insulted. And post is usually dull. Or bad news.’ I’m sure being told ‘You Will Never Amount To Anything’ isn’t the best way to start your morning but it certainly couldn’t get any worse, so, in a way, Bingo’s nasty missives are springboards for positivity.


Laura Payne

During the past year the mysteriously named Mr Bingo has hated on over 500 people. And they actually pay him for the abuse. Mr Bingo claims, ‘People order them for themselves or their loved ones: wives, girlfriends… sometimes even their mum,’ proving that masochism, as well as creativity, flourish in tough financial times.

Gavin Mackie

Based in East London, The ‘Justin Bieber of drawing’ has found favour with The Guardian, Channel Four and The Mighty Boosh. Mr Bingo’s work will appear at the KK Outlet, London, N1 from 7-29 June. His website also features hundreds of hilarious, witty illustrations if you’re having a head-to-the-keyboard kind of day are in need of some light relief. Alternatively, you can tweet your response to Mr Bingo’s work. He might even hurl some abuse back.

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