Wearable Drawings

The common pattern of thought is to get excited about turning 2D sketches and ideas into 3D. Elvira ‘t Hart, Dutch Fashion Design graduate, turns it all upside down. Her collection Wearable Drawings is the very opposite in that she creates clothing which, in a nutshell, are wearable sketches.

Wearable Drawings Elivra Hart Pinso  2

Elvira creates her pieces by laser-cutting black leather and, at times, attaching them onto white fabric. The idea behind this is to unravel the imagination, both of the artist as the onlooker. As Elvira says herself, ‘A lot of details contained within the first sketches are lost during the process of designing and executing clothing. An image is reduced to lines, planes and areas which do not have to be fully formed or finished in order to portray their ultimate meaning – it stimulates the imagination.’

Wearable Drawings Elivra Hart Pinso  3

As she admits herself, her main sources of inspiration and heaviest influences for the collection were comic artist, writer and director, Frank Miller, and his film Sin City, which, similar to ‘t Hart’s work, merges different mediums.

Wearable Drawings Elivra Hart Pinso  4


The pieces really do speak for themselves. Therefore, enough said from us.



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  1. George Lennox April 10, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    I love that suit jacket. Looks amazing. Original and very out of the box. Impressed.

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