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Chris Labrooy typography designer, illustrator and art directer has created these amazing funky font graphics. Below, Tours of the Future a commission by AT&T was produced by Labrooy, his undertakings were the concept, the modelling and the rendering. Tours of the Future looks great with the giant bubble writing being rendered into the facade of a building with glass and concrete – I wish this was a real building! The large text with its rounded edges, highlights and reflections communicate a trustworthy, positive and inspiring message. Client : AT&T.  Agency: BBDO Atlanta.  Art Director: Jason Duvall.  Agent: Debut Art

Chris LaBrooy Pinso Creative Collaborate

Another fun typography design is Labrooy’s ADICT” Sneaker lettering. Using the textures of sneakers, rubber soles and the many colours sneakers come in Labrooy has created this amazing graphics font. I think it looks great with the rubber sole being traced around the edges of the lettering.

Chris LaBrooy Pinso Creative Collaborate 2

A closer look at the font shows just how much detail Labrooy puts into his creations. There is a variety of different textures – compare the pink on the left to brown in the centre. Labrooy has included the creased edges that forms on the shock impacting foam of sneakers on the letter C further conveying the message of realism in the image.

Chris LaBrooy Pinso Creative Collaborate 3

I love it when designers give us a peak behind the scenes – its only at this point that you realize how much work goes into these projects. Below is the 3D model created by Labrooy of the image at the very top – Tours of the Future. The wire frame model is pain startlingly made and lovingly rendered to capture every reflection, texture and pot hole until it looks smashingly brilliant!

Chris LaBrooy Pinso Creative Collaborate 1


Visit Labrooy’s site here to see all of the wonderful designs he creates which include typography, plane renderings, Formula 1 creations among other fun and interesting creative projects that he does.

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