The Sleep of The Lovers

Paul Schneggenburger Pinso 7

As our modern lifes are busy as it is and are increasingly polluted with seemingly never-ending to-do lists, an eight-hour-sleep is soon to become an urban legend. So, strugling to find the time for enough sleep, not many of us give much of a thought of how we sleep. Or is it so?

Paul Schneggenburger Pinso

Austrian artist Paul Schneggenburger has created The Sleep of The Lovers (Der Liebenden Schlaf), collection of photos documenting how couples sleep. What initially was a diploma piece at University of Applied Arts Vienna back in 2010 has turned into a long-term and still an ongoing project.

Paul Schneggenburger Pinso 1

Artists tells, ‘Each picture of the sleep of the lovers is one long-time exposure. The exposure time is six hours, from midnight until 6 am. The room with the bed is in my studio-apartment, I am at no time of the exposure inside the room myself.’

Paul Schneggenburger Pinso 8

The project is still ongoing and any couple wishing to take part can do so. To contact the artist, click here. If you happen to be in Vienna with your better-half any time soon, will you go for it?

Paul Schneggenburger Pinso 6



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