sugru and my shoes


Look at my shoes! Now you may have released that these shoes are not squeaky new and have seen quite a bit of action but there not for the bin yet, they have plenty of life in them, Theres not even a hole at the button yet. You may have also realised that there is a slight lacing problem with the left shoe.The shoe on the right has neatly threaded lances keeping my foot stable and comfortable. While on the left there’s shoe lances going everywhere! The possibility of tripping on my laces and looking somewhat foolish is dramatically increased.


So how did I overcome the health & safety issues associated with my shoes? I got some sugru! I used the black colour – lets not forget colour coordination. Firstly I laced the laces through the little loops on the shoe and then I made sugru stoppers at the top so that the shoe lances would never go beyond a certain point.   Then I took a dollop of sugru and made a little tie thingy – mimicking the original tie design as can be seen on the right shoe.  Presto!


While I had the sugru out I thought I would fix a few other things. I started fixing a motorbike fairing – the parts that make motorbikes look cool! From the image above the danger may not be immediately obvious but armageddon is immanent. A danger that the crack will eventually break off completely and make the whole motorbike uncool. That would be very uncool.


With armageddon immanent I got straight to work! I started by patching up the motorbike fairing from the back with a thin layer of sugru to make it stronger and preserve these precious 1990’s plastic panels. Now the sugru has set and the panel feels stronger and more rigid. Catastrophe avoided. Breath and relax.

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