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Forthcoming graduate of Fine Art from the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design  Angel Zorn has created a series of striking and dramatic imagery and sculptures. Zorn’s creative outlets are primarily focused on sculpture, photography and film.

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The Twins

Zorn admittedly finds it difficult to pinpoint exactly where her inspirations come from for her work but believes that they are her own interpretation of human behaviour. In her work The Twins (above), Zorn has created these terrifying pearl eyed creatures crawling up a bed which immediately send thoughts flying through your head – ‘I hope that’s not in my bed’. The  striking emotional reactions when viewing her work creates a connection to her inspiration of human behaviour.

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Much of Zorn’s time is spent creating environments and the characters to inhabit them which introduces a sense of dramatic realism to her work. Zorn develops each set and scenario individually and disguises the preconceived notion of human features with prosthetics which create a familiar but strange visual that stretches our imagination.

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Pre-planned scenarios, prosthetics, environments, and lighting among other methods helps Zorn to create these compelling images but Zorn also employ’s sculpture to create her work when no other methods will produce the same results.  The sculptures created by Zorn must reflect a sense of realism that captures the imagination and creates an illusion that these creatures and places actually exist.  The most striking feature of Zorn’s work is the teeth used in her creations as they relate directly to people. Zorn’s creations are set in a twisted reality that hints at the familiarity of the world we live in.

You can find more of Zorn’s work here where you will find the full collection of imagery and sculptures created by Angel Zorn.

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