QooQoo was created in 2010 in Riga, Latvia by graphic designer Aļona Bauska (Alyona Bauska). After having worked in graphic design field for eight years, she felt she needed to find a new way to express her creative ideas. And so the label was born.

All throughout the label and each of their collections, the shapes of the design are simple. All eyes are on the whimsical fabric prints.


It started out with leggings. They took off quite quickly as the bold bright designs conquered brave hearts. Up to this day, they have grown into making a range of clothing – shirts, skirts and dresses, swimwear, stockings. Aļona Bauska has collaborated to create shoes with Latvian handmade shoe brand Zofa, watches with Canadian-based Latvian brand May 28th, bags for L’Officiel and the list goes on. They have announced exciting plans to enrich their collection with releasing their very own fixed gear bike this coming summer. Yes, a bike.


Despite being round for a rather short amount of time, since 2010, they have made their statement and QooQoo is here to stay. What started out as one graphic designer’s reckless plunge in the great and daunting unknown, now is one of the main acts in Riga Fashion Week. They have also been featured in Vogue (China and Italy editions), NYLON, Elle China, L’Officiel Latvia, BUST mag and have caught an eye of Facehunter himself.


A very important part of the brand is its ethical psylosophy. QooQoo produces all it’s garnets in Latvia while keeping it fair for the people working for them as well as for the environment. According to EPI (Environmental Performance Index), Latvia is the second greenest country in the world. And QooQoo are pulling their weight. For example, scraps of fabric left over are turned into note book covers and clutch bags. According to themselves, ‘Anti-mass produce is the key of the label.’


Be ready for the stares when you wear QooQoo. No matter where you are, it never blends in with the crowd and is impossible to ignore!

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