Piia Põdersalu

Cultural influence is everywhere in the work of illustrator and surface pattern designer Piia Põdersalu. Born in Estonia and currently residing and designing in Israel, Piia states of her passion to fulfil her purpose as an artist by experiencing different cultures and this is very apparent in her body of work. Where cultural influence varies in Piia’s work, so does her mediums, working from sketchbooks and as a traditional watercolour artist to translating these styles into digital drawings and illustrations.

Panda & Bird

This idea of variance within influence is illustrated below where Piia’s consistent use of her own signature style unites contrasting styles of flora and fauna. The woodland owls employ the same and/or similar decorative surfaces and colour schemes as the arabesque elephant and yet they still seem complimentary to each other.

Owl & Elephant

I was most attracted to Piia’s range of fauna and flora based prints for children. Her colour palette is a well thought out balance of gender neutral tones such as orange, purple, blue and green and the decorative yet bold is neither feminine nor masculine making it perfect for the market. The detail is orante and decorative but still remains somewhat simplistic, keeping in line with modern minimalist interior trends. The image below shows in noted detail how her prints can be produced, composed and applied as wall decals. A perfect alternative to wallpaper, especially within the children’s market, wall decals are a great investment with being relatively inexpensive and easy to remove.


Featured below are a selection of Piia’s repertoire of surface pattern designs. Whilst this collection is meant to coincide with her prints and illustrations for children, she also ventures into other areas of the field including geometric, organic and conversational patterns. A peek into Piia’s Society 6 store illustrates just how well her surface designs work on a range of products including pillows, stationary, iPhone and iPad cases and skins.


To find out more about Piia Põdersalu you can visit her online portfolio here. Piia is currently available for freelance commission, licensing and collaboration so if you’re interested in a project get in touch with her!

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