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Hannah Brackston a Glasgow based visual artist creates engaging and exciting work. Brackston graduated from the Glasgow School Art in 2011 and received the David Harding Public Art prize for her fab work. As a socially engaging artist Brackston’s works are based around  public environments, her unusual creations strike an inquisitive note with the public motivating them to get involved. Brackston aims to use public art as a catalyst for change, through the empowerment of knowledge, dialogue and experience.

Hannah Brackston Visual Artisit

One Cycle, One Sew by Brackston is a interactive project that explores the union of a traditional sewing machine with a three wheeled bike – a tricycle!  Brackston created the project by combining a tricycle, a box with a folding stool, a small black board, an umbrella and sewing materials. Topping the project off is a 99k singer sewing machine that is fixed to the box at the back of the tricycle. The trike allows the sewing machine to be easily transported from place to place. Now, what do you do in the One Cycle, One Sew project…

Hannah Brackston Visual Artisit Pinso creative magazine

…sew! This great project allows Brackston to transport her handmade mobile sewing gizmo to any location that she wants to create public art. Instead of using electricity to power the sewing machine Brackston has adapted it to operate through movement  The One Cycle One sew trike can be fixed in a stationary position while kinetic energy (pedal power) produce the energy to power the sewing machine.

Hannah Brackston Visual Artisit Pinso

Sewing in the sun on Bucannan Street

The project requires two users, one for pedaling and the other for sewing. The very nature of the project requires user engagement, two people are needed to create a object. The cycle sewing performance/workshops trigger peoples curiosity to get involved where they can make bags and hats among other interesting creations.


This is a great project that immediately sparks interest in passer-bys who stop, look, wonder and then create! Its a fun and engaging project that appeals to people of all ages.

You can see more of Hannah Brackston socially engaging visual art works at her site here.

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