Lynsey Brownlow

Lynsey Brownlow a product design student studying at the University of Dundee and soon to be graduate has designed in collaboration with her fellow students John Thomson and James Rice, Sound Sculpted a curious device that combines music and…pottery. The aim of the project was to make ‘sound solid’.

sound sculpted Pinso Lynsey Brownlow

While researching Brownlow, Thomson and Rice found that music produces an emotional response that is connected to a memory of a place and time. It is this facet of human behaviour that captured their attention. Using music as the emotional catalyst the trio designed and built the mechanics that make up Sound Sculpted which is then controlled by open source software Picaxe.

The Sound Sculpted device is a modified potters wheel that has mechanical arms that move in sync with the sound input which then creates the contours of the clay on the potters wheel. The music controls the pressure and frequency of the arms meaning you can visualize the solid state of your favorite song. The sound input doesn’t need to be music, it can be any sound, someones voice – a secret message in a physical form. Sound Sculpted makes me think of a reversed vinyl record where instead making the sound available to all it has encrypted a message so that it is only understood by the makers themselves.

Get under the skin  Pinso Lynsey Brownlow

As well as working collaboratively Brownlow has worked on individual projects like GetUnderTheSkin, a sensory toy radio. Brownlow was assigned a brief to redesign a radio and in the process recognised a number of opportunities that a simple radio could have. GetUnderTheSkin was designed for people with special needs or who are visually impaired. The radio allows the user to explore and navigate their way around the device to the volume and frequency controls with bright lights that indicate the location and orientation of the radio. GetUnderTheSkin removes hard and sharp edges and replaces them with a more flowing surface to instinctively guide users around the radio. You can find out more about the GetUnderTheSkin project or Sound Sculpted on Lynsey Brownlow’ site here.

Get under the skin  Pinso Lynsey Brownlow 1

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