Instant 3D Printed Shoes

Pavla Podsednikova a designer from Prague, Czech Republic has created these striking concept shoes which hints at the future possibility of 3D Printing custom designed shoes. The concept would not only allow for custom styling but also benefiting the perfect shoe size. Smaller more portable 3D scanners are being made available and so its possible that having your foot scanned making a digital copy of your foot will allow you to find the perfect shape every time – a little like Cinderella but every single shoe you have will fit perfectly! Could it be in the future that when we visit a high street shop to buy a pair of shoes we order a pair of instant 3D printed shoes to our exact preferences?

Pavla Podsednikova Pinso 1

“In the times of mass-production of everyday items, I feel the need to find a way back to their customization and individualisation.” Pavla Podsednikova


Podsednikova’s main motivation for the concept is the development and use of new technologies that open up new opportunities. Using modern methods such as 3D printing, ABS vacuum shaping and carbon fiber lamination Podsednikova was able to reduce or remove problem areas in traditional shoe design. Minimising the amount of joins through new methods of manufacture Podsednikova’s design has created a stronger more durable shoe where additional materials such as underlay, zippers, sole and heel are no longer constructed separately or in some cases needed.

Pavla Podsednikova Pinso 3

Podsednikova’s shoe design has similar characteristics to a shell or exoskeleton which fits perfectly around the foot providing comfort, stability and custom style. The design being tailored to your foot and pressure points provides perfect stability meaning that only necessary structural additions are needed.

Pavla Podsednikova Pinso

Podsednikova’s designs are a fantastic glimpse of what may be possible in a matter of years using a combination of technologies that are being rapidly developed now. Visit Podsednikova’s site here to view her collection of shoe designs.

Pavla Podsednikova Pinso 2

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