How to write a press release

Pinso How to write a Press Release

A press release is a handy tool to communicate your project to the media. A press release/kit can include bios, news, events, new products and/or business updates. Media professionals are more likely to cover your story if you have produced a good press kit that’s informative and eye catching. A lot of media professionals are busy bees and they don’t have time to go snooping around to find all of the details about your fab project so make it easy for them and have a press kit handy or downloadable from your site.

There are two kinds of press kits, one that you send to media organisations such as and a downloadable press kit from your site.


Below is some tips on how to write a press release.


Let’s start with sending a press kit to a media organization.



Give your press release an interesting title that captures the attention of the reader…who is human – keep in mind you are writing for people not robots. Using bold to highlight your title helps to break up the body of text making it easier to read. Put a date on your press release – preferably the same day you send it out as this is likely to provoke the response ‘ooohhh something very new!’


Immediate release or Embargoed

if you want your news to be published immediately then include the statement ‘For immediate release’. Sometimes you may wish to distribute the press release early but have stated that it is ‘Embargoed’ which is news that you have requested not to be reported until a specified time.


Press release content

When writing your press release think about the person who will be reading it. Keep it structured for example: who are you? what do you do? why are you doing it? and how are you doing it? If you are having an event or product launch you may want to include when and where you are doing it.

Don’t make your press release to long, get the awesome point across and awesomeness will follow and try not to repeat yourself try not to repeat yourself :)



At Pinso, we love images! Images are very important to the creative industries, if we don’t have images to accompany our work it’s like trying to describe how awesome purple is to a dog. When contacting and sending out a press release attach images don’t include them in a PDF document – it’s difficult to extract just the images. Sending 3-5 key images in a jpg format is fine and don’t send massive images (1MB) it’s too big for reporting purposes. Making it really easy for journalists to access your information and images increases your chances of getting a write up.


When emailing a company paste your text into the body of the email – this makes it super easy for someone to see it and read it – its all about making it really easy for someone to find your information and write about it.


Moving onto the downloadable press kit from your site.

Everyone’s press kit will differ slightly according to their creative discipline and preferences but as a structure for a press kit this may help. Having everything a journalist needs in one place is dam handy and as you are not sending it to them you can include some extra information like logos. Place a downloadable press kit link in your About page and/or your press page this makes it easy for journalists to find it and write about you.


What to include in your Press Kit.

Announcements folder – Whats new? Wow that’s new!

Bios & Headshots folder – A short bio about yourself and some head shots

Facts and Logos folder – Give us some fast facts about your project and logos


Announcements folder. What’s new? Wow that’s new!

In your announcements folder include all of you ‘milestones’ in either a text document or PDF.  Update your downloadable press kit as you progress, these documents create a history that journalist may need.  Separate your mile stone documents and label them clearly so people know at a glance what they are. If needed include corresponding images.


Bios & Headshots folder –

Include a bio about yourself. Don’t make it too long, 150-250 words is all a journalist needs, it is to give a little background on who you are and what makes you tick. Include images of yourself – portrait shoot and an action shoot. This creates variety and interest.


Facts and Logos – Give us some fast facts about your project and logos.

A pretty data image or a text document that shows the fast facts about you and your company gives the journalist a snap shoot (approx 40s) of exactly what you are doing, your milestones and who you are.



Creating a downloadable link will vary depending on your site, if you are using WordPress you can access plugins that will help you manage your downloadable files.



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