Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire

maker faireThe Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire on Sunday was fab! There was so many wonderful exhibitors there with their wonderful projects! It was also very very busy, jam packed and buzzing with energy. The variety of makers there was awesome, its amazing to see so many people doing so many amazing different things.


Some familiar faces where there too that include the MAKLab stationed at the LightHouse Glasgow, the Rag and Bone Workshop, the Wooden Bike project and our recently featured visual artist Hannah Brackston. In my view the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire was a huge success! I believe it captured the very essence of what Maker Faire is all about – Making! No encouragement required, people jumped at the opportunity to get into a workshop and start making or test out some of the fab creations by makers. I just wish it was a two day event  so that I could soak up the awesomeness a little more.


Stupid Creatures is a fun game that relies totally on your hearing to track and capture…stupid alien creatures. Using headphones and a mobile app you would walk into a room hearing whispers, growls and excessive saliva noises as well as jungle sounds. The phone app would then highlight a big red button (the best type of button) – press it! And you capture a stupid creature. I came in second at the game Stupid Creatures although I am concerned that someone may have beaten me by the afternoon – hmm.

Maker Faire Time Twisters

Another fun piece of design was this convenient piece of hardware/software being developed by final year Napier University student Artur Janas. His design tracks the movement of your eye while reading allowing you to navigate your favorite comics and books without ever having to turn the page! How awesome is that. I used his retro fitted prototype eye tracking software and found it to be so much fun and so easy to use, you can control the speed and direction of the pages. Fab project that would be an awesome feature for Tell The Future.

Maker Faire

A day long project orchastarted by the Rag and Bone workshop, Wooden Bike Project and Hannah Brackston resulted in this funky little bike that was made by hundreds of people adding their own personnel touches to the bike. Some fury textiles here, a touch of colour there, some posh back bicycle forks here and BAM there you have it, a bike produce by the public.

It was a great show the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire, next time lets hope there’s one in Glasgow.

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