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The Duncan of Jordanstone’s Jewellery & Metal Design (JAMD) department’s forthcoming graduates have collectively launched their very own Kickstarter project SPREAD THE DUNDEE JAMD. The project aim, to fund graduating students of the JAMD department to travel and exhibit at New Designers in London…in June! The jewellery design department are looking to show off their fab work some of which you can see below.


Pamela Goodman

Goodman’s work is inspired by her interests in geometric shapes and ‘dangerous’ styled jewellery. Using a combination of leather and precious metals Goodman plays on the preconceptions of tough natural materials creating a statement that reflects the wearers style. The combination of leather and metal has been used throughout history for a number of applications including weapons, industrial machines and fashion among others. The durability and long lasting properties of this material reflect resilience which is captured in Goodman’s work through form and material.

Lucie Hunter

Hunter is fascinated with peoples instinctive desire to pick up ‘mementos’ while travelling, Hunter believes that this behaviour represents our love with the land and by taking a piece of it keeps an emotional connection to that special place. Motivated by this behaviour Hunter creates jewellery that hints at the heritage of a particular place.  Her current collection is inspired by the Isle of Iona and Staffa on the coast of Scotland, her jewellery forms hint at the Scottish landscape with its sharp angles and textured surfaces, Hunters inspirations from the land brings a sense of place to her jewellery.


Deanne Holden

Influenced by Memento Mori (symbolic reminders of the inevitability of death) Holden celebrates the beauty of death and its associations. Dead bodies provide valuable contributions to further medical science as well as providing the living with…spare parts. By removing the emotional attachments to a dead body Holden believes that  as objects they are beautiful especially when parts are ‘removed’ from their original context. Through jewelery design Holden aims to continue her fascinating work by exploring themes of dissection and anatomy to create fascinating pieces inspired by death and cadavers.


Catherine McLaughlin

McLaughlin’s fun inspired designs add a twist to everyday life bringing little moments of surprise throughout the day by the wearer. Using fun as the catalyst McLaughlin was inspired by sea anemones, these wavy tentacle creatures live on the sea bed and look very alien.  The striking designs produced by McLaughlin create sculpted body pieces that jiggle with the wearer’s movements. The process of creating the sea anemones jewellery motivated McLaughlin to venture into the world of costume design where her extravagant designs will complement performers costumes.

This is just a few of the Duncan of Jordanstone’s Jewellery & Metal Design graduates, there is an array of inspirational designs with fascinating concepts which can be seen on their Kickstarter project SPREAD THE DUNDEE JAMD which is to help fund their way to New Designers in London.

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