Chloe Wood



Chloe Wood is a surface pattern designer and textile artist who graduated from the Cardiff School of Art and Design in 2008 with a 2:1 degree in Contemporary Textiles. Chloe’s designs are split between two very different stylistic elements. Her surface pattern designs are charming and illustrative whilst her textile based work exhibits an observational style with much more naturalistic colour palettes. Although primarily a surface pattern designer, I was personally drawn to Chloe’s work within textile art because of it being true to the realistic reference points whilst still being intuitive, individual and characteristic of personal style.



Influence for Chloe’s designs come from quintessentially English flora and fauna and the land and seascapes found in the Cornish and Devonshire countryside. Where a traditional artist would approach a picturesque landscape with paints and a brush, Chloe uses a sewing machine, using the mechanical needle as drawing tool to work in elements of colour, layers and textures, ultimately creating a three-dimensional and tactile surface. The harshness of the thick layers of threads contrast against the light, delicate, watercolour background upon which the thread is laid. A good example of these employed methods are the landscape illustrations seen below.

chloewood-PINSO 3
Texture and tonality is exhibited with Chloe’s illustration of a woodland hand, again, created with watercolours and stitch. Although a limited palette is used to retain a lifelike depiction, the animal almost comes to life with the movement of the stitch, with exhibited details of light and shadows illustrating realism.

chloewood-PINSO 4

Chloe is currently based in London and available for freelance or licensing deals and you can find more of her work on her website here.


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