Artist Silas Stoddard

An inquisitive wanderer, optimistic dreamer and artistic chameleon, Silas Stoddard’s paintings are eclectic reflections of the world around him.

This self-confessed hyperactive kid used art to focus his creativity.  Years later his love of exploring – fuelled by a magical childhood spent in America and Germany – is unmistakeable in his artwork.

Now based in New York City, this Arizona native spent many years living in Hawaii – a place he describes as his home, heart and soul.  Between painting and surfing, he used the island’s stunning surroundings and spectacular natural light to infuse and inspire his work.

Memories of his former island home are especially evident in paintings like North Shore – a beautiful and vibrant tribute to his time in Hawaii.

silas.northshore Pinso Creative

Since making the move to NYC, he’s thinking bigger and taking advantage of all the city has to offer.  ‘The city grabs you, shakes you, spanks your ass then rewards you with the gift of limitless sight,’ says Stoddard.

He uses various techniques and materials to bring his creations to life such as oil, gold leaf and resins for painting and Photoshop for graphics.

Music, culture, news, technology, family and friends all stimulate his work.  And sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected of places – spotting a rat on the New York subway inspired Wolves.  At the time he recalls longing for nature.

silas.wolves Pinso Creative

A reworking of a previous painting Stargirl is quite literally bursting with hope (and stars). Pinso Creative

The depth and texture of Golden Boy uses gold leaf on oil paint and varnish, reflecting the artist’s more playful side.  It depicts a boy, his play thing and the power of imagination; suddenly a stick has the potential to be whatever he wants it to be.  This youthful ingenuity is something Silas hopes we all hold onto to – especially as adults.

silas.goldenboy Pinso Creative

Refusing to conform to a single style, he keeps you on your toes with completely independent works like To Thine Own Self be True – more graphic in appearance in contrast to the tranquillity of Tree of Life,  inspired by quiet meditative moments. thine qwn self be true Pinso Creative

silas.Tree.of.Life Pinso Creative

The allure of Silas’ work is that it’s ever-evolving.  Future plans include an innovative 3D based painting process and working collaboratively with other talented artist, including producing artwork for a graphic novel.

This creative soul sees his art as a life-long work-in-progress and feels the best is yet to come.  And if it’s as exciting and compelling as his current offerings, the world is certainly in for a treat.

With one foot in the inspirational past and the other firmly planted in the boundless future, expect to see nothing short of extraordinary from Silas Stoddard.

Find out more about Artist Silas Stoddard’s work on his website here


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