3D Street Art by Leon Keer

In the last couple of years artist Leon Keer has been creating 3D street paintings for street art events all over the world. Keer’s 3D art is painted on the surface and has to be viewed from the correct vantage point to understand the image without it looking distorted. Keer believes that being involved in the art and taking pictures of your self in the painting is the most fun part. “The 3D painting comes even more alive when you take part of the illusion by putting yourself into the picture.” Leon Keer

leon keer Pinso

Keer has been looking for new ways to create a bigger visual impact for spectators along with more engagement in his artwork. Keer has taken the next step by infusing traditional painting with mobile recognition technologies to create an augmented realty. Using mobile devices adds a new dimension to the user engagement of his art. Check out the video below to see this fantastic blend of art and technologically in motion.

Viewers can scan the street painting through  their devices camera and see a new layer of information mapped out around the painting. Virtual objects are overlayed on the painting that can be engaged with through the touchscreen of mobile devices. Keer explains that the virtual overlay will allow him to do ‘pretty much anything to the painting’.


What a great way to mix art and tech, I cant wait to see more 3D street art by leon keer.


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