Valenky Winter Boots

Valenky Boots

Valenky, traditional Russian boots made of felted wool, are famous for two characteristics – they are incredibly warm and aesthetically ugly. Until now, that is. Two Latvian designers, Tatjana Pļaviņa and Eva Mežecka, have teamed up and created Valenky  to give it a new life and a chance to fit into the 21st century.

Valenky Boots

Deco Collection Beige

Valenky derived from woollen boots worn by nomads of the Great Steppe (including nowadays Southern Russia territory) back in 15th century. The felted boot in its classical form was first produced in the 18th century and soon enough became popular in the Russian Empire across all classes, genders and ages. The reason for the loyal hearts was that Valenky were the only shoe to keep warm when temperatures dropped to stinging cold and the snow became crispy dry.

Valenky Boots

Saphire Collection Grey

Valenky were and still are a part of Russian soldiers’ uniform. However, with winters becoming more slushy, the woollen boot became short-lived due to its zero water-tolerance. Often it is worn with galoshes – a rubber boot that is slipped over the actual shoe, as on its own it does not have a sole hence the decreasing life span.

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Classic Collection Black

And this is where the two designers come in. The transformation they’ve given it is not just cosmetic. The valenky 2.0 have a sole, also they’re resistant against deformation but, most importantly, against water damage. The 5mm thick all natural sheep wool is as warm as ever but finally it is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the nerve endings in the feet.

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Valenky, apart from keeping the feet warm, also serve as an illustration of integration. The idea comes from Russian tradition while the accents that give it its unique style are inspired by Latvian folklore.  A warm reminder that together we are better off.


To find the full range check out the Valenky website here.


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