Upcycled furniture by Zoe Murphy

These amazing furniture and textile designs are the work of designer Zoe Murphy. Fascinated by re-use and rejuvenation of unwanted items Murphy’s work brings new life to scrapped furniture. Murphy’s ethos is to encourage people to ‘consume more carefully and with more responsibility’ to create a sustainable balanced future.

Zoe Murphy

Zoe Murphy furniture and textiles

Inspired by the surroundings of her hometown in Margate Kent Murphy prints her designs on to existing furniture creating an entirely new perception of the ‘old’ piece of furniture. Margate is home to its own theme park, a Victorian rollercoaster, a 1930’s cinema and…England’s first beach for donkey rides. The increasing popularity of traveling abroad for holidays resulted in many of the landmarks at Margate being closed and falling into dismay leaving remnants of the past imprinted on the once thriving community. It is this physical glimpse of the prosperous past that inspired Murphy to upcycle and tranforms unwanted items into beautiful colourful designs.

Zoe Murphy

The upcycled mid twentieth century furniture is elegantly contrasted with the vibrant, colourful and patterned designs produced by Murphy that have an almost nostalgic connection to the colours and patterns used in 1950’s sea side resorts. The colours produce an energetic, upbeat and happy perspective that add a quirky fun atmosphere to a room. When the furniture is collected it is clean and restored with particular importance being placed on re-using as much of the upcycled materials as possible in order to minimise wastage.


Murphy’s design approach to upcycling and restoring disused furniture is inspiring, the original outdated furniture has been rocketed into contemporary design with a slightly ironic twist that the new design is inspired by the original design period of which it came.


You can browse Zoe Murphy’s full collections and latest designs at her website here.


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