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Gloucestershire based artist Rachel Markwick creates striking collages using stamps. From a far the textured planes of colour make up a visible form such as the flags shown below. It is only when you have a closer look that you realise that the  textured appearance is the result of hundreds of stamps being cut, chopped and pasted together to create the alluring piece.

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 Great Britain Union flag.

What’s great about collages is that the big picture is made of little pictures creating a detailed and fascinating visual. The flags produced by Markwick are made up of stamps that represent that country which in turn gives an insight into a countries culture, landmarks and history.

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 United States of America flag.

Markwick’s stamp creations are intricate and beautiful, the variation of colour tones, rustic edges and used stamps produce a vintage look. The individuals featured on the stamps build up a history of a country and milestones in its development. Using stamps to portray history Markwick ensures to include historic characters like Franklin D Roosevelt who was also a avid stamp collector himself.

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French Flag

Markwick never tires of using stamps and postage related materials as she finds the different languages embedded on the materials along with the cultural imagery fascinating and inspiring. The French flag above shows how the contrasting of stamps and finishes can create a rich textured and bold coloured image.

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 The Marianne

This great looking ship shows a vivid contrast of materials and colours. The majority of the image is made using French stamps and so Markwick titled the image The Marianne. This collage uses both stamps and enevlopes which make up the body of the sea and sky.

You can find Rachel Markwick site here where you can see the vast collection of collages created from stamps.

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