Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield is fab project by Evolutive LABS, the cover protects your phone from those dun dun dun moments as your phone hurtles towards the ground and you hope that gravity shows mercy. Having a Rhino Shield may protect your phone from damage as well as the drama associated with the omg my smart phone is no longer smart.


Dun dun dun

The transparent film that has a thickness of 0.029cm  and is applied to the front of screen to prevent impacts from cracking the screen as well as providing scratch resistance. The Rhino Shield not only protects the phone case but is also resistant to ‘annoying fingerprint smudges’.


The Rhino Shield film is a patent pending custom polymer formulated by Evolutive LABS specifically for day to day life which includes cats scratching the screen or hammers whacking away at it repeatedly.


Evolutive LABS motivation behind creating the Rhino Shield was the challenge of making a thin, transparent protective film while at the same time taking advantage of the lack of variety of protective covers on the market. The project was successful funded on Kickstarter earning £73,716 provding a variety of sizes for tablets and phones.


Check out this great video made by Cambridge based Evolutive LABS. You can find more about the Rhino Shield and when it will become available on a large scale on their Facebook page.



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