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The Pinso Collaboration Boards have been dreamed up to encourage creatives to work together on exciting new projects, build a creative society, support economic growth and enrich cultural life.


Collaboration is an opportunity to gain more experience, knowledge, skills and kudos. Through collaboration you will double your creative productivity, increase your network of like minded creative’s and produce exciting new projects. Working together to create innovative new projects that not only benefits the individuals directly involved but creates a positive rippling effect throughout the creative community – Yes it can be done and we can do it!


I started Pinso in 2012 to support and encourage the creative community and its been a fantastic experience. Being a creative myself and being involved in day to day life at the computer and in workshops gives me an inside view of the creative world which helps me make decisions to improve how Pinso can serve the creative industries better. I created a section on Intellectual Property tailored for the creative industries as well as curating, designing and writing Tell The Future a book dedicated to showcasing creative graduates. Now I am introducing an area for creatives to seek out collaborations so that we can collectively be more productive and become a moving force that can help stabilize the global economy through our combined creative efforts. The creative industries influence cultural identity and the social environmental we live in as well as creating the wealth that the world economy needs – we make a big difference in a lot of ways! We tend to think of ourselves as individuals or small teams but we are part of a humongous pro-active community that has the power to make real change that could re-balance the economy and produce a prosperous creative and brighter future! :)


Our instinctive desire to collaborate is motivated by our social inquisitive personalities, it is our natural behavior that I believe will produce fantastic cross-discipline creative collaborations that will produce stunning projects that inspire. The Pinso Collaboration Boards is a place where creatives, universities, students, SMEs and freelancers can work together to create an inspiring future.


So how do we use the Pinso Collaboration Boards?

Simply post an article that you would like to collaborate on or respond to someone’s collaboration offer.

You can find the Pinso Collaboration Boards here


Posting a collaboration ad on Pinso is quick, easy and Free.

To post an ad click on the ‘Place Collaboration ad‘ button that can be found directly above the categories.

This will take you to a login page page where you can sign in with your Facebook or Twitter logins or sign up for Pinso.

If you are an existing Pinso user, then please enter your username and password and then click the ‘login‘ button.


If you are a new Pinso user click on the ‘Would you like to register for Pinso? It’s free click here.’

Once you are a registered Pinso user you will be emailed your password, then you can post collaboration offers and respond to other creatives.


Ad Details 

Title of your collaboration ad.

Tell us what you are looking to do. For example: costume designer seeking Hair Stylist?

Ad Category

Select a category that best describes your  requirements.

  • Art, Sculpture, Ceramics
  • Design, Product Design
  • Events and Exhibitions
  • Fashion, Costume, Textiles
  • Film, Animation
  • Furniture, Interior Design
  • Games, Digital Media Design, Apps
  • General
  • Graphic Design, Illustration,
  • Jewellery, Goldsmithing, Silversmithing
  • Make-up, Hair, Style – This one because you are looking for a Hair Stylist to complement your awesome costume design. 
  • Making Methods
  • Music, Vocals, Instrumentals
  • Photography

Person to Contact

Tell the community the best way of getting in contact with you, website, Twitter, email, phone.


Your country, so the Pinso community knows what hemisphere you are in.


Your city so the Pinso community knows if your local or not.

Ad Details

Describe your project, let the community know what you need. For example: costume designer seeking Hair stylist for 2-3 day shoot.

Check the box agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of use – This is so he Pinso Collaboration Boards stay focused on working together and not selling.

Add the answer to the sum provided which confirms your a real person.

Press the continue button and your done! Voilà!


Just a not on images folks – In future you will be able to add images to the collaboration boards.


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