Pink Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit is a Glasgow based bespoke furniture restorer and unique textiles design studio. Their individual one off pieces combine traditional skills with contemporary vision resulting in quirky but beautiful pieces that hint at the motivation and ethos of Pink Grapefruit. Sarah Weston and Lindsay Wood founded Pink Grapefruit after graduating from Gray’s School of Art in 2005 and setup shop in Glasgow’s Hidden Lane – I know what you are thinking, is Hidden Lane really hidden? A little, yes!


Upon receiving a piece of furniture in need of restoration Sarah and  Lindsay study the piece extensively. What’s its personality, what’s its history, what kind of life has it had? Approaching each project with a series of questions allows the Pink Grapefruit team to redesign the project with a fresh and vibrant appeal while keeping the history that a selected piece of furniture may have.


Each collection is restored through varies techniques bringing the piece back to life while adding a distinctive vintage charm that is accustom to Pink Grapefruits style. Sarah and  Lindsay offset the vintage colour schemes of the original furniture with Illustrations, old maps, birds and creatures which have all featured on the designs of the Pink Grapefruit collections.


By restoring the traditional furniture frame work and adding unexpected elements of colour and pattern change the perception of the vintage furniture. Our preconceptions of the vintage style build up an image of the piece in our mind but the vibrant additions made by Pink Grapefruit produces something that is familiar but new and exciting.



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