Morris & Co – Archive II

Design Week at Chelsea Harbour saw the launch of the brand new Morris & Co collection Archive II, a collection of wallpapers and fabrics for interiors which will be available for purchase from early April. The collection is by far the most contemporary yet, which manages to retain the working craftsmanship style of Morris whilst remaining relevant and in line with current interior trends.

morris-love PINSO CREATIVE MAGAZINE Love Is Enough, 2013

‘Love Is Enough’ is one of the first designs from the contemporary Morris & Co collections to use typography as a prominent visual element, with the text taking inspiration from Morris’s play, ‘Love Is Enough’ from 1872. The bold and capitalised text is combined with flowing willow pattern and printed in white and duck egg blue. A simplistic styling gives it relevance within modern interiors and it’s reinforced message of heartfelt values makes it perfect for the home.


The Forest Tapestry, 1887

The one design that stands out in the collection is ‘Forest’ which is a rework of the origin an ‘Forest Tapestry’ designed by William Morris, Phillip Webb and John Henry Dearle in 1887. Designed by Alison Gee, it takes the most aesthetically pleasing elements from the original design, creating a wonderful balance of flora and fauna. As you can see, the details from the original are still present, with the design still exhibiting detailed illustrations and a traditional colour scheme, but it is the revision of scale and layout which brings the design into the contemporary. To add more context, a few weeks prior to the collections launch four sketches of a lion, a hare, a fox and a raven, featured within the design sold in auction for  £120,000 and were cited as “extremely significant”. You can read more about that here.


Forest, 2013

Previously popular designs are not excluded from the collection with designs such as ‘Strawberry Thief’, ‘Acanthus’ and ‘Crysanthenum’ making a re-appearance with revised colour schemes as well as ‘Bird & Pomegranate’ which was one of the last issued designs from the original Morris & Co in 1926, which takes elements from one of Morris’s most popular designs ‘Fruit’ with the addition of decorative birds; a perfect mix of flora and fauna.

morris-bird PINSO CREATIVE MAGAZINEBird & Pomegranate, 2013

Although products from the collection are not out for sale just yet, you can find more information about them through the Archive II broucure which is available to download here.


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