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Product designer Thomas Mascall produces a variety of user centered products from MP3 players to furniture and packaging amongst others. Mascall strives to create unique user focused products that enhance the user experience without over complicating the design.

Thomas Mascall


Chukka is a kinetically powered personal music player. Mascall’s inspiration for the Chukka music player came from the motion and use of the Greek komboloi and begleri beads. Noticing the highly energetic techniques of the beads Mascall adopted a system to harness the energy to produce power for the Chukka music player. The intriguing shape and suggestive form encourages the user to engage with the product while listening to music or simply looking for something to busy your hands with.

Thomas Mascall

The Chukka encourages and requires user engagement and as a result Mascall has considered the materiality and longevity of the product as well as the end of life product management. The outer casing is made from thermoplastic polyurethane, a material that is energy efficient in production, recyclable as well as adding a tactile quality enhancing the overall feel of the product. A durable, flexible data cable connects the two sections together giving the device its unique form reminiscent of nunchucks.

Thomas Mascall

Block Seat

Mascall designed the Block Seat for use in studio and workshop environments. The Block Seat can make a space more flexible and adaptable to the changing projects within a studio or workshop. The Block Seat can be transformed into a compact stool for when someone comes over for a quick cuppa, desk space for when you need the extra room when working on a project or even a drawing board and presentation rack. The simple mechanical construction ensures ease of use and durability.

Thomas Mascall

Diffusion Lamp

The Diffusion Lamp is a collaborative project between Mascall and Chris Chapman. The lamp allows the user to create their own mood lighting from paper. By designing the lamp with two transparent walls with a void in the centre allows the user to fill it with old papers, receipts, instructions and doodles. The cloud like appearance of the light is due to the overlapping and mix of paper weights within the void. The light can be used as a glowing source or as a way to project images from the Diffusion Lamp  by adding images, doodles, sketches etc.


You can find more of Mascall’s work here, Mascall is a diverse designer who enjoys collaborative work between design disciplines.


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