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Details from Edinburgh Fringe Festival

There is no better time than the present to write about Wonderbeasts, a new interactive drawing project by Aberdeen based illustrator and self-proclaimed ‘ink evangelist’ Johanna Basford. Johanna creates delicate, hand crafted drawings exclusively in black and white that feature tiny details with main inspirations from flora and fauna, usually projected on a large surface area. Johanna boasts an impressive list of clients including the Scottish Government, Crabtree & Evelyn, Absolut Vodka, H&M, Starbucks, Channel 4, The Creative Review and the Edinburgh Fringe festival.



Interactivity is nothing new with Johanna. In 2009 she launched Twitter Picture where she drew subjects that were tweeted to her within 24 hours which cumulated in one huge artwork full of tiny details then made available as a desktop wallpaper or a limited edition print.


Twitter Picture

The concept of Twitter Picture was taken to a new level last year when Johanna was commissioned by Mercedes Benz to illustrate the surface on an entire Smart Car based on tweets that represented “visions of the future”.


Illustrated Smart Car

Wonderbeasts works on a similar foundation of Twitter Picture except instead of composing tweets you make pledges via Kickstarter. What makes Wonderbeasts unique is that it is absolutely accessible to everyone on a financial level with pledges ranging from £10 to £1,000 with subjects including insects and creepy crawlies, birds and feathers, woodland creatures, reptiles, deep sea dwellers, safari animals and finally mythical and extinct beasts. Of course, as the amount you pledge goes up, so does the value of what you, the investor, get for your money with gifts ranging from signed postcards to A1 silk screens to signed and personally embellished copies of Johanna’s forthcoming Wonderlands book as well as portions of original artwork for the higher backers. All pledgers, whatever their donations are named as contributing artists to the project and are tagged in the final result.



There are only 6 days left to get involved with Johanna’s Wonderbeasts projects so no time is better than now to get involved! What could be better than being immortalised in illustrative, monochromatic animal form? Click here to visit Johanna’s Kickstarter page.



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