Clarissa Paiva

Welcome to the wonderfully feminine world of Clarissa Paiva, an illustrator from Brazil. Her experience within fine and art and fashion combine together to bring us these vogue-like whimsical drawings. Her delicate doll-like drawings are both stylish and whimsical, illustrative in a emotive manner, exhibiting inspiration from beauty and fashion whilst being intertwined with the ethereal. Girls are turned into native indians, animals, dandies, ballerinas and more!

The Great DisguiseThe Great Disguise

Clarissa works usually on coloured and textured papers and pages from books, giving her work a textural dimension with her drawings being minimalistic, placing emphasis on the textural qualities of graphite with only small amounts of colour being used. Native Daughter is a prime example of all of these features.

Native Daughter

Native Daughter

Patron Saint combines the light, airy and delicate nature of Paiva’s drawings against the harsh contrast of heavily textured, hand-made paper. The injection of colour from the halo gives the piece that extra impact, making it one of her more harsher drawings.

Patron Saint

Patron Saint

Nebula is an example which employs a style that is much more heavily worked. A higher amount of colour and details are featured within the face and the unearthly is further captured with a gloriously exquisite painting of the nebulas and the night sky within the girls hair, with stars and lights scattered everywhere. Perfectly surreal!

Heart NebulaNebula Heart

On the contrast, So It Goes exhibits the minimalistic nature of Paiva’s work. Notice how so many facial details are missing from the face with so much space left untraced on the paper, yet because of the detailed nature of the graphite it works so well.

So It Goes

You can find more of Clarrisa’s work on her website or her online blog.


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