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Taiwanese born designer Po-Chih Lai studied at the Royal College of Art and graduate in 2012. Lai has designed a variety of exciting and interesting products that have been exhibited at the Formosa Show, London Design Week, Homeless Design to name a few. Lai’s vision of design is balanced between aesthetics and function to create useful beautiful products.

Po-Chih Lai

Stair Roller

The Stair Roller is designed to extend the reaches of extreme sports. Lai focused on the instinctive playful behaviour of sliding that we see in skate boarding, snowboarding and skiing and overlapped these principles with the urban environment most notably stairs. The fast controlled movements of the Stair Roller relies on…stairs. Seeing a set of stairs can be a challenging prospect for skateboarders, cyclists among others but with the Stair Roller the stairs now become a fun prospect.

Po-Chih Lai

Lai believes that the Stair Roller will be popular among all ages with humans desire for excitement and adrenaline. Being based in London Lai uses the urban environment as the play ground for the Stair Roller turning obstacles into fun opportunities. Lai hopes that the hybrid skateboard Skate Roller will create new experiences for users within the landscape of the city.


As well as designing new and fun experiences for people living in cities Lai designs a variety of other products including his take on the macchinetta or that Italian Coffee pot that we see in lots of cafes. The MILK BROTHER is Lai’s version of the macchinetta, extending the pots use of steam further by adding an intermediary middle valve that allows hot foam milk to be produce through the one system. Focusing on making the design as simple as possible Lai has not added any pumps, kinetic or electrical power to use the coffee pot but exploits its original purpose with the use of hot water and pressurised air.


For more of Po-Chih Lai’s work you can find his site here.


Below are some great little videos of Lai’s products in action check them out.


Stair Roller



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