C Thru Smoke Diving Helmet

Omer Haciomeroglu a Master’s graduate of Advanced Product Design from Umeå Institute of Design and has created this fantastic concept titled C-Thru that aims to tackle the problems faced by fire fighters. C-Thru is a Smoke Diving Helmet designed to aid firefighters during smoke diving search and rescue missions. Diving into a searing hot burning building that is packed with smoke is just the beginning of the challenge for fire fighters. They must navigate their environment blind, tolerate extremely high temperatures, operating and manage equipment, stay coordinated  while trying to rescue the victims within 6 minutes before the smoke inhalation kills them.

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Haciomeroglu’s C-Thru design has integrated a series of functions to aid fire fighters while they navigate burning buildings and rescue the trapped occupants. When wearing C-Thru it provides a wire frame vision of the interior geometry of a burning building, this clear and simple field of vision allows fire fighters to confidently move around the building as well as locate victims more accurately.

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The priority for this project was to provide an accurate way for smoke divers to see and move within dense smoke easily as well as removing the burden of the cumbersome equipment currently used by fire fighters. Haciomeroglu found it challenging to integrate a protective inner hood, full face gas mask, heat insulated helmet, outer hood, thermal Imaging and audio communication devices into one package.
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C-Thru enables fire fighters to detect victims easier as well providing a navigation visual allowing them to walk and/or run towards a victim.  Fire fighters can focus on the searching and rescuing of victims while negotiating the fire instead of crawling on the floor holding the fire hose in one hand and the tank handle of their team mate while trying to make contact with the wall to guide them within the building.
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As well addressing the visual, navigation and victim location problems C-Thru has a pre-programmed sound alert system. The system filters out noise but selectively focuses on the sounds that leads to victims or alerts them to possible collapse of structures such as failing ceilings and staircases.


The C-Thru concept designed by Haciomeroglu is a fantastic solution to the multiple dangers faced by fire fighters. To see more of Haciomeroglu you can follow his work here.


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