UpstartThunder is an Animator, Illustrator and Photographer based in Bristol in the UK. The name may not suggest it but UpstartThunder is in fact a mum and all of the fantastic fun creations on the UpstartThunder site are created during Jane’s (the mum behind UpstartThunder) spare time in the evenings. UpstartThunder produced 25 videos last year and this year (2013) there is going to be more! Have a look at the showreel below of UpstartThunder’s professional and personnel work from 2012. Collaborations in the showreel are credited at the top.

Working on her own creations and producing them under the name UpstartThunder gives Jane a sense of emotional attachment to her animations. When producing commercial animations there are teams of people involved but Jane likes to relax and be involved in her own personal animations from beginning to end. Working on her solo projects also keeps her animation muscles from getting rusty.

As there is limited time to work on each UpstartThunder project (about an hour a day), Jane focuses on themes and concepts that make her happy. One year into One second showreel is great example of some fun with video editing produced for…happy times. The Technomonster below is a fun animation of taming that rogue computer – these funky and friendly animations just make me want to watch them!

Jane’s illustrations are great! Mostly made during the holy snacking hour (lunch time) Jane ‘doodles up’ these fun colourful creations. The variety of colour, characters and scenarios gives us a glimpse into the mind of an animator – there’s lots going on in there!


As a keen photographer you will see a collection of great images on the UpstartThumder website – what makes it more impressive is that these images where not shot on a digital camera nor where they touched up with Photoshop.  The image below shows an example of the amazing all to often overlooked beauty of film. The photos where taken by Upstart Thunder and are done by using trusty old school cameras the Canon A1 and a Lomo LC.


Check out the UpstartThunder website – there’s lots of interesting happenings on the site – animations, illustrations and photos. The UpstartThunder site is run by Jane, a self confessed technopobe saying that ‘computers hate me’ but still she has managed to get her fab fun and interesting work online for us to view! Check it out!


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