Silversmith Kathryn Hinton

Edinburgh College of Art artist in residence in Goldsmithing and Silversmithing Kathryn Hinton creates a range of fantastic sculptural designs and jewellery. A modern designer maker Hinton adopts a number of techniques to create her fantastic designs. Using traditional making methods complemented with digital techniques such as CNC machining and digital hammer technology Hinton makes striking creations. Hinton has exhibited her work in the UK, Europe, V&A London and Galerie Marzee in the Netherlands.

Kathryn Hinton

At this stage you may be wondering what is digital hammer technology? Digital hammer technology is the result of Hinton’s research into the combination of craft and digital inputs to create new processes inspired from traditional making.  While studying a MPhil Hinton developed a computer user interface combined with computer aided design software resulting in a program that mimics the physical actions of using a hammer whilst Silversmithing.

Kathryn Hinton

The pieces made by Hinton are great, the forms, finishes and materials used create a striking design. Every angle, every fold captured is a deliberate manipulation of the material creating a contemporary sculptural piece. The surface of the piece appears almost digital with its sharp linear lines creating a triangular mesh reminiscent of 3D modeling programs. As a result of the mesh like surface the many reflections created through her designs give a bold distinctive look.

Kathryn Hinton

Hinton’s digital inspirations are evident in her designs but what I find interesting is Hinton’s fascination with digital technologies. Hinton created a digital hammer to mimic the inputs of the traditional silversmith – keeping the tradition alive through digital techniques. At the same time, Hinton is  making pieces that are hugely influenced digital pieces by this new blend of old and new techniques. Hinton’s designs and making methods are fascinating, the end result is a physical digitised organic shape that looks beautiful.

You can find Kathryn Hinton here or support her as one of the designers in the running for The Ketel One Legacy here.



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