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Jill Calder Illustration Calligraphy PINSO CREATIVE KOW HOWAn illustrator’s work station

Jill Calder is an illustrator and calligrapher and has worked on many many fantastic projects, her website is packed full of colours and creativity.  Calder explains that when she is putting together an illustration she can see the unfolding narrative as if it was a film. What’s more exciting for Calder is that she has been working with animators Channel 20/20 to bring motion and movement to her creations. Based in Fife, Scotland Calder works on a number of different creations for clients all over the works from New York to Taipei and we have some examples of her fab work here.

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Book cover design by Jill Calder for Bob Servant: Hero of Dundee” by Neil Forsyth

Calder, naturally fond of drawing would quite happily draw all day and often does – what a great way to make a living! One of Calder’s projects included the illustration and lettering for the book Bob Servant: Hero of Dundee which has recently been turned into a popular TV show. Calder captures Bobs personality perfectly on the front cover – a proud, ‘thinking’ man looking to make real change to his home town. The characters clasp hands with an upward tilted head overlooking a mix of natural and urban environment creates instant pride in the character.

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Reader’s Digest USA

Working with a variety of clients from all over the world Calder was commissioned to hand illustrate and letter the Word Power quiz for the Reader’s Digest USA. The blues in the illustration are balanced with purples and whites making up the body and the lettering. As the image was reproduced on a smaller scale Calder reduced the detail within the drawing in order to capture an instantly recognisable form.

Jill Calder Illustration Calligraphy

Jill Calder’s work is great! The expressive nature of her illustrations coupled with her understanding of the portrayal of human emotion creates fascinating and engaging work. Calder’s hand written note above explaining what she loves looks great with the blues, purples and grey tones written in thick and thin lettering. The lettering is almost natural looking where she has pressed on the pen heavier creating thicker lines – the human element is very much alive in her lettering.

You can visit Jill Calder’s fun and distinctive styled site here for more creative information.




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