Jewellery Designer Li-Chu Wu

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 Mountain Landscape I Necklace

Jewellery designer maker Li-Chu Wu has created this fantastic collection of intricate and colorful paper jewellery. Wu’s paper jewellery designs are made through multiple layers which create subtle movement and a tactile quality in the finished design. The Mountain Landscape I Necklace is stunning in design and craftsmanship. The circular geometry highlighted through colours coupled with layered paper creates an organic looking piece that captures your attention. Wu studied Metalsmithing & Jewellery Design at Fu Jen Catholic University Taiwan and then continued her education by completing a Masters in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products at Birmingham City University. After graduating Wu was selected by the Design Space programme, an initiative supported by Birmingham City Council and the European Regional Development Fund which provided Wu with a free studio space to create in.


Flowered Brooch

Using a range of techniques from old world methods to new digital techniques Wu is able to create a variety of beautiful designs from a number of materials. Wu’s paper jewellery collection creates beauty and value to a material that is often overshadowed by silver or gold but here Wu has created an objected that is both beautiful and precious.

Li-Chu Wu Paper Jewellery PINSO CREATIVE KNOW HOW 1


The making of the jewellery is achieved through a combination of paper layers and intricate piercings to unfold a ”petal like” blossoming of flowers. The ‘Paper is layered and manipulate in a way that expands an inner space in a concentric format and spreads and grows up from the centre’ – Says Wu. The vibrant contrasting colours complement with Wu’s skill and knowledge of paper creates beautiful distinctive forms. The exceptional Grassland piece is created through multiple layers and intricate folds which produce an organic piece that appears to grow from within itself.


 Pure Collection

The Pure Collection by Li-Chu Wu was designed during her MA studies. Wu enjoys the variation in paper properties that can be created through folding, cutting and layering. ‘paper can be strong enough to carry heavy objects, and fragile enough to tear easily’ says Wu. The Pure Collection captures moments of perceived solid form contrasted with open organic almost following surfaces. The flat use of  colour focuses attention on the form and perceived movement of the jewellery.


 Pure Collection

 More fantastic jewellery creations can be seem on Li-Chu Wu site.




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