Illustrator Terry Fan

If you haven’t discovered Terry Fan yet, what are you waiting for? His magical world is one of wonder, whimsy and the most beautiful dreams.  And in these vivid fantasies whales are weightless, elephants can fly and death is strangely beautiful.

Flight of the Elephants Terry Fan

Flight of the Elephants

Fan’s early childhood fixation with airplanes and dinosaurs has translated into his collection of fanciful, free-spirited illustrations.  A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in Toronto, Canada, this talented Canadian’s broad portfolio of experience spans traditional media, design, film, photography and even sculpture.

The Whale Terry Fan

The Whale

His multifaceted illustrations skilfully blends the traditional and digital, using ink, graphite and Photoshop to intricately bring his ponderings to life.  Taking inspiration from many different things, Fan doesn’t try to create logical sequences – in fact his work pays tribute to the surreal.

A Beautiful Death Terry Fan

Reincarnate (Album Art)

Whatever the format, his images are always extraordinary – boldly challenging the norm.  A scull is unexpectedly transformed into a striking floral façade in A Beautiful Death and Jumbo Bubble Gum reveals a more playful side in his endearing bubble-blowing elephant.

Jumbo Bubble Gum Terry Fan

Jumbo Bubble Gum

And if you’ve never thought of C3P0 as dapper or that Darth could be gentlemen, look again because Terry’s Victorian Wars series present Star Wars in a completely new and charming light.

Baron Von C3P0

Baron Von C3PO


Lord Vader Terry Fan

Victorian Vader

Fan’s personal favourite – Ocean Meets Moon – captures the essence of his superb style.  A dense moon illuminates an enchanted sky.  A whale forms the brilliant centrepiece offset by a submarine and ship all looming in the sky with the ease of stars.

Ocean Meets Sky Terry Fan

Ocean Meets Moon

So go on, suspend your disbelief and enjoy this wonderful world of infinite possibility.

Find Terry’s designs at The selection of his art and canvas prints, stationary, laptop and iPhone cases, tote bags and t-shirts are sure to delight.

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