Fornasetti II by Cole and Son

The past few weeks has seen the release of various new collections by many major wallpaper and fabric companies but none as celebrated as the new Fornasetti II collection, distributed by Cole & Son. Following on from the previous Fornasetti collection released in 2008, Barnaba Fornasetti recaptures the magic of his father’s illustrious and surreal working style by depicting a wide range of conversational themes in this new collection of 15 wallpapers.


Barnaba Fornasetti with Mediterranea from Fornasetti I

The release of Fornasetti II marks 100 years since the birth of Piero Fornasetti, a pioneer of Italian interior and architectural design. In typical Cole & Son style, the collection marks development in technological production and manufacture in the wallcovering industry by seamlessly combining both vertical and horizontal wallpapers, created so that each paper of one particular dimension can co-exist with another. Fornasetti II made its debut at Maison & Objet in Paris, France in January 2013.

Pictured above is Balaustra Frieze which makes use of the horizontal wallpaper. Here the fantastical illustrations of Macchine Volanti are given an extra dimension with the addition of the Balaustra vertical roll paper which makes use of a more architecturally inspired design. The marbled stone details against the surreal skies of flying machines make us feel like we are part of Fornasetti’s imaginative world. Transporting us from the skies to the sea, Acquario perfectly illustrates a whimsical underwater view. A perception of movement is created through a rhythmic design which gives the idea of the fishes swimming underwater. A sense of the surreal is created with the fantastic variations of exotic fish which are illustrated in all different sizes, shapes and colours.


Keeping in touch with flora and fauna on ground level is Chiavi Segrete and Uccelli. Chiavi Segrete prompts nostalgic allusions to ‘The Secret Garden’ by combining a beautiful and complex depiction of botanical hedges with gold and silver keys hanging from selected leaves. Uccelli features a monumental gate which covers a tree filled with illustrated birds of all different colours and breeds. This paper in particular would be perfect for a feature wall.


To view the entire Fornasetti II collection as well as its predecessing collection visit Cole & Son

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