Beautiful Pallets

Have you ever looked at a pallet and thought, hmm that looks comfy? Well the guys at Gas&Air studio did and will be producing these lovely, comfortable unconventional chairs once their Kickstarter project is complete. Thats 17 days from now.

Gas&Air Studios

Gas&Air Studio Pallet Furniture

Gas&Air Studios was born in Wimbledon 2010 with the dream of making furniture from upcycled pallets. Damaged, unwanted or abandoned pallets are collect and brought back to the Gas&Air workshop in London where they are lovingly transformed into contemporary hand built furniture. An eco-friendly studio Gas&Air focuses on reusing 100% of the pallet including the nails.

Gas&Air Studios

A perfect soon to be comfy contemporary furniture design.

The designs know as the Pallet Chair and Pallet Table are constructed to be simple, foldable, strong and environmentally focused. Two simple movements transforms the design into furniture. The furniture has a fantastic aesthetic, the linear repetitive structure of the pallet with vibrant colours is offset by the untreated natural wood creating a striking contrast and contemporary feel.

Gas&Air Studios

The Pallet Chair and Pallet Table

The off cuts from the Pallet Chair and Pallet Table construction are used to create the XChair. Tilted after its appearance of an X the chairs is put together from two separate interlocking pieces which create the X form.
Gas&Air Studios


Gas&Air Studios fab furniture collections are great, the upcycling and 100% reuse of the pallat is a great way to make eco friendly furniture.  Since starting in 2010 Gas&Air Studios have been exhibited at the Great British Picnic and been featured in the Green Design book produced by Braun Publishing. Google known for its super cool offices that are designed to encourage creativity are just one of the clients that have the Pallet Chairs and Pallet Tables in their London offices.

Gas&Air Studios

So back to the Kickstarter project.  Air&Gas Studio are looking to move to a more practical workshop studio to create their designs, buy better tooling and set up a ‘search and rescue’ for damaged, abandonment and unwanted pallets. They are hoping for a successful project so that they can be more productive and efficient – sounds like a great idea!

Check out the Pallet Chair and Pallet Table Kickstarter project ‘Give a Pallet a Home’  here.


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