Authentic Weather

I came across this interesting little app concept by self taught designer Tobias van Schneider. The Authentic Weather app is described by Schneider as ‘probably the most honest & human weather app out there’. He may be right, coming from a rainy country and even rainier city I cant help but think about the weather all the time and sometimes I even moan about it. From the concept images you can see Authentic Weather clearly describes the weather in big bold easy to read lettering.
Tobias van Schneider Authentic Weather
I enjoy the short little statements that communicate that the weather is not sunny but something very different – wet and cold. Schneider has moved away from icons to describe the weather and went straight for some black text in Akzidenz Grotesk and not Helvetia.
Tobias van Schneider Authentic Weather
A splash of colour is added to highlight certain words like, raining, love, cold or grey. The vibrant colour used for the key words is offset by the pale background and the black lettering which further empathises attention on the important mood words which have the power to make you happy or sad.
Tobias van Schneider Authentic Weather PINSO CREATIVE KNOW HOW 3
The Authentic Weather app is a fun twist on the ‘norm’ of weather apps created by Schneider. A multidisciplinary self taught designer Schneider focuses on branding and interactive design. Schneider’s interests in the power of the visual language is evident throughout his work which can been seen on his site here.

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