WhimSicAL LusH the world of Suzanne Scott

The wonderful world of WhimSicAL Lush is full of fantastic creations made by independent designer maker Suzanne Scott. Toadstools, castles, rabbits, woolly creatures, prints, cards, mugs, stickers, t-shirts and more are all made and designed by Scott.


An early illustration by Scott of a Secret Squirrel with Spy socks!

Interestingly Scott’s background is in psychology and social work – bet you didn’t see that coming! Scott has always been an arty person however a profession in psychology offered more job security BUT no worries she was soon lured back to the creative world!  Scott’s creative interests are in drawings, photography, ceramics, knitting, and sewing among other hands on crafts!


Scott believes that her inspiration comes from all around her, especially the little things in life! Its the little things that make up the big things! Buildings, trees, dogs, flowers, crows – sometimes evil ones all interest and inspire Scott and her creations for WhimSicAL LusH.  An avid people watcher Scott finds people fascinating and wonders what their life is like, if they are happy and what’s their favourite colours among other questions that pop into her head.  I feel Scott has an unfair advantage at playing people watching as she is trained in the arts of psychology!

WhimSicAL LusH

Supermoon by Suzanne Scott

Direct inspiration for Scott comes from little girls too! Scott was inspired by a little girl who was trying to reach the moon (a noble quest!).  After hearing the story of her friends daughter trying to reach the moon a picture popped into her head! and she had to get it down on paper! The Supermoon illustration was created!

WhimSicAL LusH

Open to commissions Suzanne Scott has designed the cover for Craig Gilbert’s Novels & Poetry books, the book will be available in print in March – very cool stuff! A very active creative Scott has also recently started The Great (Whim) Bot Off 2013 – its all about drawing robots! Scott is looking to gather hand drawn robots from all around the world where she will include them in a magazine and exhibit them! That sounds fun!! Check out the WhimSicAL LusH Facebook page for more details.

WhimSicAL LusH

WhimSicAL LusH has a variety of creations available online as well as ‘onstreet’.  Check out the WhimSicAL LusH site here for more amazing things to browse through including this Swallow in X-Ray Bottle image created by Scott.



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